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I've recently (Nov 2010) quit smoking cigarettes, after about 15 years. Used to be quite a heavy smoker, but smoker's bronchitis is not much fun, and having tried again to learn how to smoke a pipe (on our last trip to Italy) I've realised how good natural tobacco can taste if blended properly, which made me realise that Marlboroughs are just cool looking, but not good tasting. I did enjoy smoking Drum Select for a couple of years after moving to the Netherlands, but my refusal to fit filters on the cigarettes I was rolling probably didn't help much with the chronic cough.

Even though I can now properly lit, smoke and enjoy a pipe, I'm still not there, I don't feel at home doing it. On the other hand my taste for cigars has developed quite quickly. Like pipe smoking, it's an acquired taste and a ritual, requiring a bit of skill and time to enjoy fully. And it's also a lot easier on my lungs.

But cigar smoking is a habit that can get expensive quite fast, so it's essential to keep track of the cigars smoked, their price and how much you've enjoyed them. Which is what these pages are for.