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malleus maleficarum

My first recording - glorious chanting, charred flesh

A procession of the inquisition; the torture of the heretics. Glorious chanting, charred flesh. Pure fucking christian wholesomeness.

Malleus Maleficarum is actually the first thing I recorded, back in 2006, a few months after I bought my 2nd guitar (a Schecter Diamond) and my first amp (an Engl, smoking hot amp for metal!). It's meant to be quite evil and uses a lot of samples of actual Romanian orthodox priests chanting during mass (since about 1:30), and some greek woman singing gregorian chants (unfortunately I can't give proper credit here as I've lost the original samples and can't remember her name).

The drum comes from a pattern played on Zoom G2 effects processor, hooked up in the effects loop of the Engl, who was then mic'ed up, so both guitar and drum come from the speaker at the same time, that's why the drum sounds so lo-fi; but then again it think it suits the song a lot better than the hi-fi sound of the original pattern.

I'm particularly proud of the photo of moon and trees I've paired with this song - it's a photo I took myself and then processed quite a bit - as it reminds me of the old black metal album covers of the 90's: all that's missing is some creepy, slimy band logo with lots of reversed crosses and pentagrams right in the middle of it, aye?

malleus maleficarum by plumb

malleus maleficarum
malleus maleficarum
malleus maleficarum


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